What is Massage? 

The healing art of massage dates back thousands of years. The earliest evidence of therapeutic use of touch and kneading can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine where texts described techniques and applications for massage treatments. 

More recently, Hippocrates, “The Father of Medicine” and author of the hippocratic oath,  was a strong proponent of the use of massage by physicians. in his memoirs he wrote, ”The Physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly also in rubbing”.

Today there are many different modalities of massage that address the body and its issues in various ways. Massage takes different pressures and strokes, speeds and percussions to address physical discomfort and muscular pain. 

Many massage therapists these days will have a background in various techniques which are blended to establish a unique style. Rachael is predominantly trained in, Myofacial, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage. The combination if these techniques lends well to aiding in the management of chronic pain, maintenance and recovery for the training and performing athlete and relaxation.

"Self-care is not selfish of self indulgent. We cannot nurture others from a dry well. We need to take care of our own needs first, then we can give from our surplus, our abundance."


—Jennifer Louden

What to Expect:

  • Relaxation, reduced tension & stress.

  • Reduction in areas of chronic pain.

  • Improved circulation to areas of chronic tension.

  • Rehabilitation of muscular injury.

  • An improved sense of mental connection with the body.


Please Note that in the cases of sports and deep tissue massage there may be some discomfort during the following 24-48 hours.


The following day being the most common time frame. This is completely normal and should be resolve to leave you refreshed, rejuvinated an ready to perform.




Treatment Room Etiquette

  • Clients will be draped at all times during their session.

  • It is recommended that clothes are not worn for sessions. However, if you feel more relaxed to keep on underwear, please do so. Your comfort is paramount

  • Clients should feel comfortable to express any concerns, questions or discomfort during their session The best results are achieved when therapist and client work as a team

  • Cell phones should be off during your session

Treatment Room Policies

  • Cancellations require 24 hour notification or you will
    be charged.

  • Your treatment is timed by your time on the table—not when you arrive—unless you are running late.

  • If you are running late please try to let us know. Time will be deducted from your session time 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time.

  • All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable once they commence.

  • All packages must be completed within 5 months of the date of purchase.