"It's the mind itself which shapes the body."


—Joseph Pilates

"Rebekah’s  background in dance, knowledge of the muscular system and her training in Fletcher Pilates® is a perfect combination.  Simple movements I had done 100 times before became challenging and worked muscles that had not been reached.  With just a few adjustments and the unique way in which she communicates the correct position your body needs to be in, I had several “ah ha!” moments.

I love challenging myself and seeing my body become stronger and more fit. Rebekah’s unique Jump classes- held on a reformer- are on a completely new level. The class workout is always changing and always challenging plus a great cardio work out!!!

Whether you are old or young, strong or weak, a Pilates novice or a pro- I am confident Rebekah is a teacher that can meet all your needs and that you will truly enjoy working with."


"I consider myself a Pilates snob. I fell in love with Classical Pilates in NC years ago, and absolutely LIVE for what it does for my body and my mind. Moving is daunting, as the dreaded hunt for a true Pilates studio always proves difficult. When I moved to Atlanta and [later] Nashville I discovered there are MANY studios teaching mass-produced, gym-style (many-reps, heavy weight, no concern for form) classes under the false guise of a 'Pilates' class. After many insufferable 'Pilates' studio trials, I found Rebekah. She embodies everything I have come to love and expect from my Pilates instructor and classes. She has an acute understanding of Pilates (and the body), which she uses to customize each clients' experience. If you're interested in what Pilates can (and should!) do for you, this is the place!"


"Rebekah B.Freedman has been my pilates instructor for over a year. She is a competent, caring teacher. Her dance background gives her additional insight into the movement of the human body. I am an 80 year old woman with arthritis and degenerative discs. When I walk into her studio, I am in some discomfort--when I walk out, I feel like I can run a mile or fly! Seriously, I think Rebekah keeps me going on a daily basis. She adjusts my routine to fit the particular needs I have at the moment!  My core is stronger, my balance is better and I feel much younger! Thanks to Rebekah!"



"I am a 58 year-old woman who has had back pain for many years, and cervical fusion three years ago. I have always worked out with a trainer, and have done Pilates in the past. What I have come to realize is that all Pilates teachers are not made equally, and that Rebekah is exceptional! Rebekah is a stickler for proper breathing, and posture during our sessions. I feel that now my core is stronger, my body stays aligned through the lengthening of all of my muscles, and my strength and balance has made all the difference in my physical well-being. Rebekah has tailored my private sessions to my physical needs, and I have taken her Jump classes for a more aerobic and challenging class. I do not just pick my mode of working out…I pick my teacher, and Rebekah is focused and professional, and the results have made me a believer in her and Pilates as a necessary part of my life!"