As a D1 cross country and track runner, it’s important that I keep my body and mind in the best state possible for competition. At the elite level, recovery is just as important as those hard training days.  Rachael has helped me maintain harmony by teaching me how to stay in tune with my body’s aches and pains while using massage to rejuvenate and alleviate tension in my muscles.  Not only is Rachael a master of her trade at massage, but also a breath of fresh air to be around.  Her genuine and compassionate nature, ability to generate laughter in anyone, and unlimited kindness are equally as healing as her massage.



As a Division 1 track athlete, hard practices and heavy lifting sessions always leave my muscles feeling tight and sore. She does a great job of gaging how much pressure to apply during the massage. I've had problems in the past with masseuses digging in too hard, leaving my muscles even more stiff than before. Rachael's ample knowledge about the body allows her to gage the pressure and where to massage, leaving me feeling fresh and loose. Whether it is after a hard workout or before a competition, Rachael's healing hands leave my body feeling great. She not only takes interest in what's going on with my body, but also in how I am doing personally. Rachael is one of the sweetest, most kindhearted people I've ever met. She always provides a listening ear to what I have to say and solid advice when asked. She is someone I can trust on a personal level and with my sore muscles!


"The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems."


—James L. Oschman, PhD

I found Rachael while looking for relief for shoulder and arm pain from a ski accident 20 years ago.  My physical therapist at the time recommended a regular massage to manage the pain. Not only did Rachael help me manage my pain but for the first time in my life I could go a whole month without pain! Even when I added a hip injury to the mix, Rachael continued to help control my pain. Her technique is consistent and effective. She has learned my body and knows when to work harder or when to back off. She cares about my overall health and well being. I am truly grateful to have had her in my life for the last 5 years!


I began seeing Rachael for help with recovering from a severe foot fracture. She has been instrumental in my healing. Before making my initial appointment, Rachael and I discussed my situation and expectations. She explained how she works and what to expect. Rachael has delivered exceptional therapy and results. She has a lovely disposition, always runs on time and is consistently professional. Rachel is very intuitive in terms of massage style. As I heal, Rachael has adapted her pressure and focus. I appreciate the attention to muscle attachements. Now that I am recovered from the injury, I continue to see Rachael to maintain wellness. She delivers an outstanding massage, with appropiate communication and pressure adjustment throughout the session. I recommend Rachael for both recovery and wellness maintenance massage.