Rebekah Batyah Freedman is originally from Eugene, Oregon.  At a young age she fell in love with dance, and soon found her way to the rigorous study of Ballet. At age 14, she recieved a scholarship to study in New York with The Joffrey School of Ballet.  During her time in NY, she began to hear about this amazing exercise method that could help dancers get and maintain their bodies....Pilates! 

Rebekah's career in dance has taken her all over the world, including France, New York, San Francisco and Cuba.

In 2007, Rebekah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance and performance from the University of Arizona.  It was there that she was first introduced to the Ron Fletcher Pilates® method. She found the attention to detail, breath work, and connection between body and mind in this method to be profound and soon saw first hand how Pilates, specifically the Fletcher® method, could enhance a dancer’s training and a person’s overall strength and flexibility. Rebekah also got to experience first hand the power of Pilates to help heal the body; she was in a car

accident that resulted in a serious back injury and an Achilles tendon rupture. Even while in a cast she continued to practice Pilates. Not only was she was back dancing in 8 months, almost half the amount of time that she was told she would need, but she was stronger then ever. Pilates had reshaped the connection between her mind and body and as a result, her body could now move and dance with more ease and efficiency.  


Rebekah had the amazing opportunity train under master teacher Kyria Sabin and Deborah Mendoza, as well as first generation teachers Ron Fletcher and Sonje Mayo, both direct disciples of Joseph Pilates himself.  In 2006 Rebekah Batyah began the extensive 1000 hour teacher training program at Body Works Studio in Tucson AZ, to become a level one Fletcher Pilates® teacher. In 2007 she completed the advanced level of the Fletcher® Pilates certification program, becoming a select few of Qualified Fletcher® Teachers in the Country.


Rebekah has been teaching Pilates for over 12 years. While staying true to the classical form, she always strives to challenge her clients both in mind and body, creating a holistic workout that integrates her body knowledge, dance training, as well as some learned Feldenkrais and Alexander Techniques. She believes that Pilates can benefit any one, regardless of age, size or background. Rebekah's aim with every client is to share her love for movement and the Fletcher Pilates® method while providing a holistic, challenging and individualized workout, so that each client may leave their sessions feeling energized, healthy and strong.


Rebekah Batyah Freedman, CPT (Pilates)