Rachael was born and raised in Southeast England in a home where non‐traditional medicines were commonplace. Homeopathic and Ayurvedic remedies were often used to treat common maladies and massage was often utilized as first line treatment of muscular and functional issues. These early experiences opened her eyes to a world where people used therapeutic touch as a means to alleviate physical and often mental ails, reduce stress and tension, aid in the elimination of pain and help to restore form and function in the body.


Traditionally educated on both sides of the Atlantic, Rachael obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in 

Psychology from the University of Leeds in England. More recently, here in the US, she earned her Associates degree in Nursing at Columbia State Community College. Rachael has several years of experience working as an RN in Nashville‐based in critical care and medical/surgical settings.

Her awareness of massage was revived after a very personal experience.  After college in the UK, Rachael took a year abroad in France where she broke her back in a motor vehicle accident. During her recovery she was able to experience the healing value of massage first hand. After her second spinal surgery, Rachael began her massage training in London. In 2003 she received her diploma in Massage, Sports Massage and Personal Training from Premier Global.


In May of 2004 Rachael relocated to Nashville where she obtained her Tennessee  massage license. She began building her own practice in 2006. Her tendency towards deep tissue massage has attracted many local athletes as well as people looking to manage chronic pain. 


Rachael has worked with many local endurance athletes in the running, cycling and triathlon communities, and she is currently the resident massage therapist for the Vanderbilt women’s track and cross country team. Her work with athletes involves maintenance, recovery and pre‐event massage.


Drawing from deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point therapy, Rachael’s style has been a valuable tool for clients looking to manage pain. She has had experience with many situations such as TMJ, sciatica, carpal tunnel and repetitive strain, piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff issues and post‐surgical orthopedic patients adjusting to physical limitations, compensation and the general pain of the healing body.


Rachael’s unique combination of education and experience leave her well positioned to tackle a 

multitude of massage needs, taking a holistic and integrated approach to each body. Whether you are an athlete in training or competition, a patient coping with more delicate and chronic issues or an individual seeking some self‐care to help balance a busy life, Rachael will work with you to meet your bodywork needs.