Molly has always been interested in health and wellness, and has found that aligning and mindfully moving the body is a powerful way to find balance and healing, as well as strength and flexibility.

She is a lifelong equestrian and a professional dressage rider and trainer. Her riding is what led her to Pilates. She was struggling to find straightness and strength in her riding position. She also wanted to ask more of her body, as she was asking more of her horses’. After just a few sessions, she quickly traded in her traditional riding lessons for Pilates lessons, and became dedicated to the long- term journey of strengthening, aligning, and balancing her body. The attributes she gained not only changed how she rode, but how she moved and felt on the ground. She began to feel strength deeper within her muscles, and felt freer and more controlled and coordinated in all of her movement. She was able to release both physical and emotional tension, and found a more balanced and connected mind.

In order to deepen her knowledge of the Pilates method and the human body, she started her 800 hour certification process through Romana’s Pilates while living in IL, and finished in Nashville through Classical Pilates Education. She also has a B.A. in Biology from University of Mississippi. She incorporates Pilates into her riding instruction, and continues to study horse and human bio-mechanics, and how they relate.

Molly aims to help people find balance and wellness through connecting to their bodies and learning to move within them. She believes the principles that Pilates teaches can be beneficial for anyone, and can and should be carried out of the studio. She enjoys seeing her clients find control and ownership of their posture and movement, and how the confidence gained positively affects their lives.

Molly Morrison, CPT (Pilates)