Joe Spradley discovered Pilates while living in Seoul, S. Korea after reading the classic "Return to Life Through Contrology" by Joseph Pilates.

Strength, flexibility, and stamina are core elements to fitness. The Pilates method combines precise muscle control with spine strength and flexibility during a full body workout. He believes, like Joe Pilates once said, "fitness is the first requisite of happiness." With a degree in game design, he aims to make exercise fun while motivating you to level up your health and well-being.

"I am thrilled to be teaching at the Body Project. As a certified contemporary instructor from Well-Body Pilates, my vision is to teach the method in the most efficient way for the student's body. Through dedication to the classic principles, the practice will center the mind, balance the body, and strengthen the core."

Joe Spradley, CPT (Pilates)