"Wellness is the dynamic process of becoming aware of, taking responsibility for, and making choices that directly contribute to one’s well being and that of the common good. It is the integration of body, mind and spirit and the ongoing development of one’s own meaning in life."     -Herbert Wellness Center 

Our Philosophy


The Body Project is a refuge for men and women of all ages and all stages of wellness.
We believe that we are all a work in progress. That each of us is a body and mind working towards a dynamic balance of emotional and physical strength and wellbeing.


We believe that our work should take a holistic approach to the individual and that the connection between body and mind is a direct player in both obtaining and maintaining health and wellness. Tension in the mind is often reflected by tension in the body just as emotional imbalances can manifest as physical ailments and weaknesses. Such imbalances can be addressed through pilates and massage and various other movement and bodywork modalities.


We understand that wellness does not just happen. It takes work, commitment and intention. We know that everybody is different; Different goals, needs, strengths, weaknesses and different history.  We strive to meet clients where they are and to
assist them, through movement and bodywork, to transform themselves as they work
towards Wellness.

The Body Project is a place to come and be supported, encouraged and challenged to take on the work of your own Body Project.


Our Mission


  • To deliver quality, innovative Pilates and massage, tailored to meet the needs of
    individual clients.

  • To provide a variety of movement and bodywork classes, workshops and private sessions that further enhance balance and health.

  • To build a citywide community of health and wellness practitioners so that we can connect people with whomever they need in order to meet their own wellness goals.